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Comprehensive Yoga Therapy

Comprehensive Yoga Therapy (CYT) rests on a preventative health care model as opposed to treatment-based. Under this model the “patient” is viewed as a client, who is a student of health. This paradigm requires the client to implement healthy lifestyle routines at home on their own, in all of life’s aspects, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual as they apply to each individual.


Stress Management as a Means to Improve Health and Vitality One’s approach to life itself can greatly increase or decrease the stress response. Stress has proven to be the prime instigator of many major health conditions, and by decreasing one’s response to stress, the nervous system function and overall bodily health improve drastically on their own. 

Yoga Therapy defines stress as an adverse reaction to a real situation.
All too common in our modern lives, stress comes in many forms:

  • Nervous system: Over-stimulation from computer-based technology
  • Emotionally: Not accepting minor irritations (traffic, for example)
  • Energetically from poor nutrition
  • Physically from sedentary lifestyles
  • Spiritually: confusion or loss of purpose
Change in habits and in patterns of behavior is the key to better health.   


Holistic Services and Lifestyle Education

To ensure the effectiveness of therapeutic practices, stress in
all its forms needs to be continually monitored, managed and
ultimately decreased. No amount of good living can counteract
overbearing levels of stressful life choices.  Holistic self-care approaches
life through developing and building upon positive thoughts, choices
and behaviors.

What to Expect?
The initial session will be information gathering and intention setting to build rapport
and have a direction for growth. We will discuss your goals and the outcomes you would
like to achieve. Subsequent sessions may be practice-oriented to confer experience while
others may be more coaching sessions to encourage practice. It is important to know that
the approach is customized to each client. Regularly scheduled sessions are recommended
because the effects are cumulative.

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