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Fundamentals of Health Series 

Other Resources

RECIPE: Teddy's Oven Roasted Root Vegetables (PDF) 
This delicious recipe gives you a taste of early fall!

3 Quick, Easy Self-Care Ideas For Everyday Living (PDF) 

Easy Diaphragmatic Breathing Practice (6 minutes) Audio file 

The Fundamentals of Health overview (PDF) 
An introduction to the 6 Fundamentals of Health & how to incorporate into your daily life. 

At-Home Yoga Practice (15 minutes) YouTube video 

Setting up an At-Home Practice (PDF) 
Find out how and why you should set up an at-home practice. This handout includes many practical tips!

Setting up an At-Home Practice(2:30 minutes) MP3 audio file 

A few tips for setting up a home meditation practice

STOP ​ (5:15 minutes)  MP3 audio file
Systematic relaxation using the STOP approach.

Counting Breath (1:34 minutes)  MP3 audio file
Soothing exercise using counts to slow breath and relax.​

Stress-warning Checklist (PDF) 

Use this checklist to scan your body for signs of stress. 

Tips to Manage Anxiety and Stress (PDF) 

Practical ideas for managing stress in a healthy way. 

31 Points of Light Breathing Practice- 10 minute video (links through to Google) 

Guided relaxation and breathing practice to let in the light and warmth.

Healthy Recipe: Watermelon, Blueberry &  Feta Salad (PDF)

Now more than ever, it's important to take care of yourself and make your mental and physical wellness a priority. 

In the face of uncertainty and discomfort, you can choose to focus on what you can control, including your physical, mental and spiritual health. This can help you: 

  • Become more resilient 
  • Stay connected to yourself, others, and your community
  • Prioritize your overall health, including your immunity
  • Cope with uncertainty and stress. 

Greater Harmony is here to help and support you. 

The health and safety of Greater Harmony's students, clients and their families are a priority, so as of March 2020, we are no longer holding face-to-face classes or sessions. However, as a silver lining in the current times, Teddy has been able to move her practice online and offer telehealth services, all online! These include:

  • One-on-one individual consultations, customized to your needs and situation
  • Therapies such as centering, breathing, stretches, yoga, meditation and guided self-acupressure
  • A range of activities to help reduce stress and support the immune system
  • Yoga classes 

...all from the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

How Telehealth Sessions Work

  • All classes and sessions are held online. 
  • We offer many different formats, depending on what you are comfortable with: phone call, video call (using Facetime or Google) or even a Zoom meeting. 
  • The session will be hosted by Greater Harmony--you'll receive instructions and access information prior to the meeting (i.e., Zoom link). 
  • You'll receive all follow up, resources, and communications about your session via email. 
  • Our goal is to make the process of accessing and joining your session as easy and convenient to you as possible. We've held many sessions and classes online, so we have the process down pat and will guide you through it.

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