Greater Harmony

Meditation & Relaxation Techniques

Greater Harmony offers both individual sessions and classes in Meditation and Relaxation Therapies.


Modern medical science as well as ancient healing tradition acknowledge meditation 
as one of the few techniques powerful enough to re-establish balance and vitality to the
over-stressed. What yoga is for the body, meditation is for the mind.
Meditation is a conscious mental process using certain techniques—such as focusing
attention or maintaining a specific posture—to suspend the stream of thoughts and
relax the body and mind.  It allows you to find your distinct point of mind-body balance.
Studies have shown that if you meditate, you will be able to face life with inner strength
and balance. Meditation is a powerful mental and neurological tool to still the mind so
that it can become focused. Energy freely flows from the core of the practitioner during
meditation, allowing the mind to become calm and steady.

You will learn how to influence the senses, body, breath and mind to build inner strength
for balanced living. The program, which is rooted in science and is non-dogmatic, utilizes
traditional yoga meditation developed over thousands of years. Yoga for the Mind provides a clear and systematic approach to the art and science of authentic meditation, which can build a resiliency to stress and have lasting effects on your health.

Relaxation Techniques

Holistic nursing views all aspects of life as inseparable and interrelated – your mental, emotional, physical and social/relational aspects are all intertwined and interconnected. What affects one part of yourself will influence all others.  Managing stress is crucial to our well-being and health.  Learning Breathing and Relaxation Techniques will interrupt the negative cycle of stress and promote balance and healing in mind-body connection.

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